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Israeli Physician Salman Zarka, MD: Caring for Syrian Patients Is Our Duty

Dr Salman Zarka is the general director of Ziv Medical Center, whose staff has treated hundreds of wounded Syrian civilians.

An IDF doctor who treats Syrians tells his story at upcoming gala

A career military officer and now director of Ziv Medical Center in Tsfat, Zarka had always thought of Syria as the “sworn enemy.” But ongoing cooperation between the IDF and the hospital has meant that for several years Zarka has been supervising a team of doctors, nurses and social workers helping Syrians who have come to the Israeli border seeking medical help.


Conan O'Brien visited the Ziv Medical Center as part of his visit to Israel to meet and interview the Syrian wounded and the medical team that provides humanitarian treatment.
Conan O'Brien: Israeli doctors who treat Syrian patients 'deserve a Nobel Peace Prize'

Argentinian-Israeli doctor honored for treating Syrian war victims

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — An Argentinean-Israeli doctor was honored at the Buenos Aires city parliament as an “outstanding personality in the human rights field” for assisting victims of the Syrian civil war.
Dr. Alejandro Roisentul, who has lived in Israel for the last 28 years, received the kudos on Tuesday for his part in treating Syrian patients in Ziv Medical Center in Safed, Israel.

Hospital Performance Measures: the waiting period for stroke treatment was shortened; Improved catheterization times

Patients receive an MRI or CT scan within 38 minutes on average, but in hospitals in the center of the country wait times are still about an hour. The Ministry of Health's annual quality indicator index points to a general improvement, but the local clinics do not meet most of the goals set.

Ziv, a ray of hope in the Syrian tragedy

As the civil war in Syria enters its seventh year, the level of barbarity and sheer inhumanity on display plumbs new lows — the use of chemical weapons, air strikes against hospitals, so-called double-tap barrel bombings. Syria is now the deadliest conflict of the 21st century, and alarmingly it still appears to be far from resolution.

Syrian war: Wounded risking retribution to receive medical care from enemy Israel

At first, Ziv hospital in the northern Israeli town of Safed seems like a pretty ordinary facility. But a few floors up, in a special ward guarded by Israeli intelligence agents, are patients from Syria.

Special: Syrian refugees treated at Israeli hospital

Watch: ILTV visits the Ziv Hospital in Tzfat where military and civilian medical authorities join forces to help wounded Syrian refugees.

Clowns have an honourable part to play - and not just for Purim

Reva Seidel is a clown working at the heart of an international crisis. While many of us weep over the terrible images of suffering Syrian children, ruing our inability to help them, Reva welcomes them to the Ziv Medical Centre in Northern Israel

Syrian patients leave mark on staff as they recover at Israeli hospital

"We want peace with Israel and all the peoples around the world.”

Ordinary Israelis take extraordinary action to help Syrians


Grassroots initiatives raise $190,000 for emergency supplies for Syrians; charity drives gather warm clothing, toys, medical aid for Syrian people.
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