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Israeli Physician Salman Zarka, MD: Caring for Syrian Patients Is Our Duty

Dr Salman Zarka is the general director of Ziv Medical Center, whose staff has treated hundreds of wounded Syrian civilians.

Special: Syrian refugees treated at Israeli hospital

Watch: ILTV visits the Ziv Hospital in Tzfat where military and civilian medical authorities join forces to help wounded Syrian refugees.

Clowns have an honourable part to play - and not just for Purim

Reva Seidel is a clown working at the heart of an international crisis. While many of us weep over the terrible images of suffering Syrian children, ruing our inability to help them, Reva welcomes them to the Ziv Medical Centre in Northern Israel

Syrian patients leave mark on staff as they recover at Israeli hospital

"We want peace with Israel and all the peoples around the world.”

Ordinary Israelis take extraordinary action to help Syrians


Grassroots initiatives raise $190,000 for emergency supplies for Syrians; charity drives gather warm clothing, toys, medical aid for Syrian people.

Syrians cross border into Israel for treatment

CNN's Oren Liebermann reports on a hospital in Israel that is treating Syrians -- included militants -- injured in that country's civil war.

There is no war between Israel and a nonexistent nation

While in Israel, I visited the Ziv hospital close to the Lebanese-Syrian borders, where Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and other minorities work together.

IN ENEMY HANDS- Nadav Neuhaus

I was given open-door access to Ziv hospital, with access to patients who are recovering after being severely wounded in bombing campaigns in Syria. Some of them were children, like Sami, who were being fitted with prosthetic limbs, while others were fighters, wounded on the frontline, being wheeled from ambulances straight into surgery.

The Syrians who trust the enemy with their lives

Doctor Amram Hadary, director of the trauma unit at Ziv Medical Center is interviewed about why Syrians are willing to trust the enemy with their lives.
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