Advanced Digital Resuscitation Models for Medical Simulation

Sophisticated digital CPR models are now being used in pediatric ER to simulate basic and advanced resuscitation.

President Rivlin Hosted a Delegation from Ziv Medical Center

The President of Israel, Mr. Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin, recently hosted members of Ziv Medical Center's staff, including Colonel (Ret.) Dr. Salmon Zarka, Director General, doctors, nurses, social workers and administrative managers.

Visiting Ziv

Senior advisors of the US Congress recently visited Ziv Medical Center, through the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Visiting from China

The opposite end of the world has never been closer. Chinese military personnel in full military attire arrived on an official visit accompanied by the Chief Medical Officer and the IDF spokesperson.


Mr. Zuheir Farraj, Director of Ziv's Pharmaceutical Services received the distinguished Minister of Labor, Welfare and Social Services Award.

Laser Treatment for Skin Ailments

The Alma Pixel CO2 high powered laser platform is now in use at the Ziv Medical Center, shortening treatment times and maximizing results. It provides a complete, minimally-invasive solution for a variety of skin ailments.

First clinical use of the 3D printer

Dr. Alejandro Roizentul, Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Unit, printed a model of a patient's jaw prior to surgery, enabling him to prepare for the surgery using the model of the printed jaw.

Ludwigsburg Medical Exchange Program

In accordance with the twin cities agreement between the Upper Galilee Regional Council and the District of Ludwigsburg, Germany, the third Ludwigsburg delegation visited Ziv Medical Center.


Mr. Ala Elias, a Medical Engineer at Ziv, was sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with Ziv Medical Center to Sierra Leone, Africa, to establish a dialysis institute and to train the local technical staff.

Pharmaceutical Conference

Under the heading "Innovations and Trends in Modern Pharmacology", the Pharmaceutical Conference, organized by Mr. Zuheir Farraj, Director of Ziv's Pharmaceutical Services, was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Forum of Hospital Drug Administration Directors and the Pharmaceutical Society of Israel.

Pacemaker Transplant

Dr. Alexei Popov, a spinal surgeon and pain control specialist, successfully performed a pacemaker transplant for treating chronic back pain in a patient from the Golan Heights.

Seminar for Physiotherapists at Ziv

A seminar for physiotherapists organized by the Ziv Walker Clinic in cooperation with the School of Physical Therapy, Safed Academic College was held at Ziv Medical Center


The article "Sugar Monitoring Technologies", published in a new edition of the book "A Guide for the Treatment of Diabetes", edited by Dr. Avivit Cohen and Prof. Itamar Raz, was written by Dr. Orna Deli Gottfried, Director of the Brainin Center for Juvenile Diabetes and Endocrinology for Children in Ziv and her colleague, Prof. David Zangen, Director of the Department of Neonatal Diabetes and Endocrinology for Children at Hadassah Hospital.

"Navigator" for Operating Rooms

The Operating Rooms at Ziv Medical Center, under the direction of Mr. Janan Nakhla, have recently received a generous donation enabling the purchase of 'The Navigator', a sophisticated instrument considered the latest of its kind for use in identifying a lymph gland which has previously been injected with isotopic material. It is a tool enabling the surgeon to make an informed decision as to whether or not a radical lymphadenectomyis necessary.
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