Juvenile Diabetes and Endocrinology - Brainin Center


Director: Orna Dali-Gottfried,M.D.

Nurse: Ms. Tikva Romano



Dietician: Ms. Eti Amir

Social Worker: Ms. Orly Reich Barry

Psychologist: Mr. Yaacov Magnes

Secretaries: Ms. Hannie Asulin, Ms. Rachel Ferraro


Clinic Information:

The Center offers the most advanced treatments available today for children, youth and young adults in Israel, suffering from Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1).

The Center provides advice and guidance to both parents and their children as well as to their teachers and camp counsellors; it offers telephone support 24/7 and serves as a stable address in crisis situations.

Workshops are held for the parents, as well as an annual conference on juvenile diabetes held during Hanukkah and sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Association, with the participation of top physicians in the field.


Endocrinology Clinic for Children

The Brainin Center treats a wide range of hormonal problems in infants, children and adolescents, including growth disorders, metabolic disorders and gender differentiation disorders. Hormonal tests are conducted to detect various hormonal disorders.

In addition, the center initiates workshops for children and parents in need of support and guidance.


Useful information:

Location: The Brainin Center is located in the Ida Child Health Center.

Phone numbers: Office: 04-6828552, 077-6828552

Fax: 04-6828564, 077-6828564

Reception hours: Sunday - Wednesday, 8:00 - 15:00