Pediatric Cardiology and heart defect Unit


Dr. Moshe Dotan


Prof. Lorber Abraham, founder of the unit.
Dr. Gil Beer, senior pediatric cardiologist specializing in electro-physiology
Ms. Amit Shiffer, Head Nurse, Pediatric Cardiology
Ms. Ortal Danielov, technician
Ms. Jenny Akresh, secretary

 Unit Information

Congenital heart defects are diagnosed in fetuses, infants, infants, and children.  The unit provides follow-up and treatment services from the period of gestation in fetuses that have been diagnosed with heart defects, childhood and adolescence, and adults born with congenital heart defects or who have been diagnosed as adults.
The unit purchased an advanced equipment that includes a new ECU for testing children, as well as special equipment for catheterization for children, at a total cost of over half a million shekels. The Pediatric Cardiology Unit provides treatment for patients hospitalized in various departments of the Ziv Medical Center: the Women's Health Center, the Pediatrics Department, the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, and pediatric surgery.
Services provided by the unit include:
• Diagnosis and treatment of all heart diseases in children
• Diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects in adults
• Perform diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization
• EKG testing
• Holter long-term ECG tests, Holter blood pressure and argometry for all ages

 Useful Information

Location: Beit Ida Child Health Center, -1 floor

You can contact us with any question and we will respond as soon as possible.
Phone numbers: Secretary: 077-3631013, Fax: 04-6828564