Invasive Cardiology Unit


Dr. Alexander Goldberg

Mr. Khoury Jarris
Head Nurse


Mr. Camille Crane, biomedical technician
Mr. Hosson Gosh, X-ray technician
Ms. Hagit Cohen, Secretary

 Department Information

The unit performs around 1,000 invasive procedures a year, such as diagnostic catheterization, therapeutic catheterization (stent transplants), pacemaker transplants, defibrillators, and ablation of cardiac arrhythmia, etc.

Most of the catheterizations in the unit are performed radially (by hand). This method provides patients with maximum safety in catheterization and greatly facilitates post-catheterization.
At the end of the catheterization, the patient is free to get up and move around freely. Stopping the flow of blood after the extraction of the sleeve is achieved by applying slight pressure on the wrist, which also greatly reduces the risk of complication after catheterization, especially when compared to catheterization procedures that use a femoral approach (through the groin). After the catheterization, the patient can be released home after 3 hours.
Studies comparing the results of radial and femoral catheterization indicated a significant reduction in complications after radial catheterization without any adverse effect on catheterization.
Location: The unit is located on the ground floor of next to the Emergency Room

 Useful Information

Secretary: 04-6828042 Fax: 04-6828690

 Academic/Research Activities

Dr. Goldberg, director of the unit, is a lecturer at the faculty of medicine of Bar-Ilan university. He has published over 40 publications in various cardiology journals and has delivered many presentations at international conferences. The unit actively participates in a large number of international studies carried out by the Cardiology Department of the hospital.