Recovery Unit

Recovery Unit

Medical Specialist
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Medical Specialist

Guy Cherniavsky, MD


GrigoryFleyshman, MD, Unit Director of Child Anesthesia


Alexander Kofmans, MD
Olga Alecsandrov, MD
Alexy Lazutkin, MD
Vitaly Shifrin, MD


Simion Osolenko, MD
Vladimir Potilov, MD
Oleg Serdyuk, MD


Alexander Pozdnayakov, MD
Leonid Lussin, MD
Alexander Berlin, MD
Oleg Shishkovitz, MD
Dimetri Gurevitz, MD
Oyadat Mamdrh , MD
Talia Abu Awad

Nursing Staff
Tamar Erel, Head nurse
Unit nurses
Ida Fateljan
Anwar Nasser
Marina Yaskov
Shimrit Shoshan
Tarek Zangria
Isra Ghanem
Munia Hadad
Haled Salameh
Haled Nagar
Miri Biton

Unit Information

The main activity of the Recovery Unit is to monitor patients following surgery. Monitoring includes supervision of the site of the patient's surgical procedure and their recovery from anesthesia, initial treatment for acute pain following surgery and after-effects of the anesthesia.

Additional activities of the Unit:

Monitoring patients following anesthesia who have not undergone surgery, for example, those who require anesthesia before an MRI examination; preparation for surgery; treatment of hospitalized patients suffering from acute pain.

The staff of the Unit has expertise in monitoring and treatment of patients in complex situations following anesthesia and surgery. The focus on efficient and swift treatment of pain related to the surgical procedure.

The average stay in the recovery area is approximately one and a half hours, depending on the type of anesthetic administered to the patient, the length of surgery and the patient's general condition.

Patients are released from the recovery area once they have sufficiently recovered from the anesthesia and received sufficient treatment for pain and any other required treatment.

Visiting regulations:

Parents will be present with their child as early as possible and during the child's stay in the Recovery Unit.

Adults - One family member may visit the patient for a short time.

Entrance to this area is with an accompanying staff member and depends on the conditions in the Recovery Unit and the patient's condition. Visitors are required to wear a hospital gown during the visit.

Useful Information


Main entrance, near the operating rooms 


Fax 04-6828128