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Mr. Yaniv Ben-Shushan, Department Director, social Worker (M.S.W.)
Social worker of the palliative treatment team, coordinator of  Ziv's Ethics Committee. Joint Coordinator of the National Forum of Social Workers in Palliative Care in hospitals of the National Social Workers Service in the Ministry of Health.
Lydia Shlonsky (M.S.W.), Deputy Director of social services, Social worker for Geriatrics and Surgery Departments



Chochmaya Yassin Agbaria, (M.A.) Social worker, General Intensive Care Unit and Oncology Institute.
Tatiana Glaiser, (M.S.W.) social worker, institutes of Oncology and Hemato-oncology.

Miri Cohen (M.S.W.), Social worker, Emergency Room, Pediatric Department, Coordinator of "Emergency Services".

Orly Reich-Bari (M.S.W.), Social worker for Juvenile Diabetes Institute and Bariatric Clinic (for gastrointestinal surgery).

Rasha Sagir, Social worker for Internal medicine A, Oncology institute and Intensive Care.

Yasmin Kenchiuk, Social worker for Internal medicine B, Neurology and project coordinator for treatment of victims of family violence.

Roni Lahav, Social worker for Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) and OB/GYN.

Fares Issa, Social worker for Orthopedic Department and Dialysis Unit.

Dovrat Friedman, Social worker for the Sgola Unit (rights of elderly hospitalized patients)

Secretary: Bracha Hameiri 


 Division Information

The social work service is an integral part of the comprehensive service for hospitalized patients, regarding the patient as a complete person composed of body, mind, family, society and culture.

The Social Work Service operates according to the laws of the State and the procedures of the Ministry of Health, and with the constant aim of increasing cooperation with various welfare, rehabilitation and health services in the community.

The Social Work Service focuses on addressing the emotional, familial and social difficulties and difficulties that arise in the patient and / or his family due to hospitalization, illness, disability, loss and death.

For this purpose, we are active in several major areas:
*Assistance in coping with the emotional, familial, behavioral, and functional difficulties resulting from illness and hospitalization.
• Providing information to patients and family members about the rights and services provided in the hospital and in the community, including Holocaust survivors.
• Appointing a guardian to carry out an urgent medical action.
• Advice for the appointment of a proxy for medical treatment.
• Preparation for various medical treatments, such as complex surgeries, invasive tests, preparation of a child for surgery.
• Organizing and mobilizing family, community and social resources to cope with the medical situation (welfare services, volunteers).
• Planning for discharge from the hospital to the home or home-based arrangement (rehabilitation, institutional arrangement, arrangement in an old-age home).
• Operating a public information center and psychosocial intervention in emergency situations and multi-casualty events.
• Participation in the Committee for Termination of Pregnancy.
Services and Special Activities:

Group activity for patients and / or their families:
Individual assistance and support for the sick person and/or his/her family are provided by the Social Work Service, however, in cases in which a number of people suffering concurrently from the same illness, from the same medical or functional difficulty, they can provide each other with valuable support and assistance.
In light of this, the Social Work Service has operated several support groups and workshops for patients and family members over the years, and operates new support groups as needed:
• Support group for parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
• Support group for adolescent girls at the Juvenile Diabetes Institute
• Support group for women with breast cancer
• Support group for dialysis patients
• Support group for gastric bypass patients (bariatric clinic)
• Support group for cardiac rehabilitation patients
• Support group for spouses and children of patients with dementia who are hospitalized

Workshops for departmental teams:

• Workshop for the Internal Geriatric staff
• Workshop for the staff of the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit
• Workshop for the staff of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

The Sgula Unit - a center for health rights for hospitalized elderly citizens and their families in cooperation with the Ministry for Social Equality.
Unit Coordinator: Social Worker Rivka Marom, telephone: 04-6828162, email:

Public Information Center during Mass Causality or Emergency Event:
During a mass casualty event, the social service at Ziv Medical Center is responsible for operating a Public Information Center which includes:

Telephone Information Center – This phone number is activated during emergencies only: 1255161 and provides initial information to families of wounded arriving at the Ziv Medical Center emergency room. They also gather information on anonymous persons and assist in their identification.

Information for Families Center – Located in the nursing school (building number 7) on the right side before the square in front of the main building of the Ziv Medical Center).

When admitting victims from a multi-casualty incident, the emergency area, intensive care area and operating rooms are closed to visitors and family members in order to enable the necessary and the most effective medical treatment. In this case, the “Information for Families Center” provides preliminary information and emotional support for the families of the injured who are being treated in the hospital's Emergency Room.

The staff members at the Information for Families Center are in contact with the relevant external organizations (Local Authorities, IDF).
Procedures for review: *most of the links are in Hebrew

Operating social services in hospitals

Tasks of the social worker in the Emergency Medicine Department

Procedure of the Ministry of Health regarding the application to appoint a guardian for the purpose of approving a medical procedure.

Procedure for planning the process for releasing patients from hospital to community - the role of the social worker

The Ministry of Health's procedure for treating victims of domestic violence, sexual exploitation and neglect of helpless minors

Locating and treating women who are victims of domestic violence by therapists

Procedure for treating victims of sexual assault

The Penal Law on Minors and Invalids - Addition of Obligatory Reporting (Amendment No. 94), 5767-2007


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 Useful Information


Secretaiat of the Social Work Services: 04-6828126, 04-6828535

Fax: 04-6828975

Director's email: 

Secretary's email: 
Academic and Research Activities
• Workshops, lectures and orientation meetings for social work, nursing and medical students.
• Lectures in various academic frameworks, such as at Tel Hai College and Safed College, the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee, and more.
• Participation in research.