Pediatric Surgery Unit

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Lili Lunsky Hayari, MD


Pediatric Surgery : Andre Federenko ,M.D

Coordinating Nurse: Shani Dargominski
Secretary: Ms. Mira Zelig

 Unit Information

The Pediatric Surgery Unit was established at the Ziv Medical Center in order to provide children and adolescents from the area with surgery options of the highest standard, administered by an experienced medical team.
The Unit provides a wide range of surgical options to newborns, toddlers and children under the age of 18, including gastro-intestinal diseases and chest operations, surgery relating to congenital defects, hernias and undescended testes, trauma, pediatric oncological surgery and minor invasive operations (laparoscopy).

In addition, the Unit includes a clinic which provides consultations and diagnosis in complex cases, pre-operative preparation and follow-up and an interdisciplinary clinic for treatment of obesity among adolescents.

The unit is located in the Pediatric Department in rooms specially designed for pediatric surgery. The Department's experienced doctors, professional nurses, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, dieticians and medical clowns are all available to the patients and their families throughout their hospitalization.

 Useful Information


Beit Ida Child Health Center.
patient rooms are on the ground floor.
The Pediatric Outpatient Clinic is on the-1 floor.
Clinic hours: Monday and Wednesday 11.00 – 13.00

For clinic appointment: 04-6828552 fax: 04 6828564
For Surgery: 04 6828200
Nursing station: 04-6828903