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 Medical Specialist

Ben-Shachar Inbar, MD 

Alex Yaronovsky, MD 
Deputy Director and Head of Gynecology


Yael Sciaky Tamir, MD - Head of Ultrasound Unit
Stefan Kral, MD –  Head of delivery room   
Naama Marcus-Brown, MD – Head of Urogynecological Services
David Peleg, MD – Head of High-Risk Unit
Mustafa Imad, MD, Head of Fertility Clinic
Talaat Sror, MD – Senior physician
Gadi Ezogi, MD - Senior physician
 leonid Sirotinsky, Senior physician
Samia Abu Jabel, Senior physician
Hatib Raja, Senior physician
Svetlana Gundler,Senior physician

Mira Eli – Head nurse, delivery room 
Sohilla Ganem – Head nurse,Maternity ward
Rachel Levi  – Head nurse, gynecology
Shosh Aputta -Head nurse, Newborn special care unit

Smadar Blilti - Secretary


 Department Information


In 2010, a significant investment was made for special services designed for the mother, newborn and special care unit at the Ziv Medical Center. Today, this department is completely modern and furnished with the most up-to-date equipment. Much thought has gone into the creation of the 7 new air conditioned delivery rooms, each fully equipped with private toilet and shower. The two natural delivery rooms, designed like hotel rooms, include a jacuzzi and wireless monitors.

The dedicated staff gives personal attention to each patient and creates an atmosphere of reverence. This allows the mother-to-be a complete and successful experience, enhancing the transition from pregnancy to birth into one of safety, security and comfort.

The new mother has a choice of either rooming-in with her newborn or putting the baby in the nursery, according to her desire and ability. Here at Ziv Medical Center, we encourage all expectant mothers to meet with a midwife from our staff to consult about her pregnancy and childbirth expectations.

Planning in advance clarifies the way in which she and her partner wish to experience this moment; from arrival to the delivery room in labor, to delivery, maternity ward, baby care and finally discharge. We view birthing as a natural experience and do our utmost in creating a natural and relaxed atmosphere for mother and her family, together with strict monitoring of the status of mother and fetus. If requested, we provide pain medication or alternative methods and offer training in many topics. There is a maternity club incorporating a range of activities, meeting the changing needs of the emerging stages of pregnancy, birth and the baby's first year. The Ob/Gyn department also offers special services to the ultra orthodox patients.

The neonatal special care unit hospitalizes infants born preterm or with low birth weight and those suffering from particular problems, mainly respiratory, cardiac or blood and need special monitoring and intensive care. Staff for this unit includes doctors and nurses who were specially trained to treat these infants, as well as doctors and consultants from various specialties. Social workers and a contact nurse help the parents and family if any serious personal problems arise during hospitalization.

The center for woman's health includes services in urogynecology, cervical clinic, gynecological oncology clinic; hysteroscopy clinic; high-risk clinic; defects and advanced ultrasound unit. The center also provides genetic counseling.


 Useful Information


Telephone Numbers


Delivery room: 04-6828967
Maternity ward: 04-6828961
Neonatal Unit: 04-6828965
Newborn special care unit: 04-6828971
Ob/Gyn: 04-6828929
Genetics Institute: 04-6828091
Women's Health Center: 04-6828738
High-risk pregnancy Unit: 04-6828738
Social services and psychological: 04-6828535
Dietician: 04-6828004
Physiotherapist: 04-6828010
Yad Sarah: 04-6828000  

 Consultation with a senior physician and nurse: 13:00 – 14:00 to be  coordinated with the department secretary.
Visiting hours: Sun. – Thur. between 12:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 21:00