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Medical Specialist
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 Medical Specialist

Alexander Berslavsky, MD

David Fuchs,
Trauma Coordinator

Head Nurse – Hedva Hillel
Deputy Head – Majid Abu Genev


Clinical Instructor - Sarah Harra
Risk Management - Dalit Azoulay
Quality Trustee - Lily Frimatchuk
Medication Trustees - Adi Ashkar and Shauli Cabeza
Pain Trustee  - Limor Cohen
Infections Trustee  - Dafna Gaffney

Medical Secretary – Racheli  Cohen
Reception Clerk  - Nadav Tadgi

 Unit Information



Hospitals in Israel vary in their capabilities and preparedness to care for trauma victims due to differences in their organizational outlook and as a result of their development of   appropriate human and physical infrastructures. The general hospitals in Israel are ranked on 3 levels according to their treatment capabilities.   Ziv Medical Center is defined as a level 2 trauma center  , which means it is a regional center.

The Trauma Unit at Ziv treats about 1700 patients a year consisting of civilians, soldiers, car accident victims, work accident victims, sports injuries or victims of violence, injuries resulting from falls from high places and burns. Of these, 70 are severely  or critically wounded. The scope of these activities is comparable to the six large regional trauma centers in Israel, all of which , with  the  exception of Nahariya,  are located in the  heavily populated center of the country, between Hadera and Gadera.

The Unit team includes doctors from the medical center's departments - general surgeons, anesthesiologists, orthopedists and nursing staff from the Emergency Department. 

The Trauma Unit   is located in the Emergency Medicine Department in the new wing of the Medical Center. The   Unit has four treatment stations fully equipped on par with an operating room for patients in need of critical care treatment. 

The range of activities include: 

  • Responsibility for difficult trauma cases arriving at the Medical Center
  • Running the trauma registry
  • Trauma equipping and instrumentation
  • Ensuring and improving the quality of the care provided to the wounded, possible by:
    • On site staff training and advanced courses, regionally and nationally.
    • Debriefing meetings and peer review at the local level and participation in regional and national meetings in the civil and military sector.
    • Large scale drilling exercises (emergency situations and mass casualty events, both conventional and non-conventional in combination with the army and security agencies) and participation in drilling exercises with other medical centers.
    • Participation in scientific conferences, presenting papers and publications.
    • The Unit began operating in 1995 following the increased activity in southern Lebanon. Two thirds of those treated in the Medical Center were soldiers injured in the north. During the Second Lebanon War, the Medical Center treated 1600 wounded, soldiers and civilians (the largest number of physical injuries of any hospital that treated victims during this war). The trauma team at the Ziv Medical Center received a commendation of excellence from the Ministry of Health and further decorated for outstanding staff service by the Civil Service 2007 awards.


 Useful Information



The Unit is located in the Emergency Medicine Department, new ER building.

Number of beds: 4  beds, of the most sophisticated in the country.


Nurse’s station: 04-6828838
Emergency Medicine Reception: 04-6828836
Fax: 04-6828837