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 Medical Specialist

Prof. Anthony Luder, MD


Deputy Head: Hino Bayan,MD 

Head Nurse:  Tali Wexler
Deputy Head Nurse: Ella Nachmias

Secretary: Chana Elkabetz

Senior Physicians:
Prof. Dan Miron, MD, Infectious Diseases
Michael Harari, MD
Duah Bechri, MD
Orna Gotfried, MD
Moshe Dotan, MD, Pediatric Cardiology
Dana Krupin, MD, Director, Pediatric Emergency Ward
Monia Shalan, MD, Resident, Pediatric Neurology
Lily Hiari, MD, Pediatric Surgery

Nasich A’asla, MD
Sharbel A’asaf, MD
Albina Volkov, MD
Meirav Alivitch,MD
Zahira Ibrahim, MD
A’ataf Hativ, MD
Salah Hativ, MD
Itai Mizrachi, MD
Paulina Gurovitch, MD
Suzanne Suliman, MD
Suzanna Harbush, MD
Pediatric Intensive Care
Yuri Viner, MD, Unit Head
Moti Einan,MD, Senior physician
Svetlana Tatrenko, MD, Resident

Pediatric Emergency: 
Dana Krupick , MD, Director, Pediatric Emergency
Head Nurse: Orit Ohana
Nursing Staff: Samar Mualam, Magda Ya’acov, Nisan Kuzai, Orit Rokach, 
                         Yehudit Lichi, Isa Haiba, Rachel Cohen

 Department Information


The Department of Pediatrics includes both general and specialized medical services for a wide range of health problems in children, both acute and chronic. The Department consists of a general department for inpatients, an emergency room and a short term hospitalization unit, an intensive care unit for children and outpatient clinics specializing in: cardiology, nephrology, lung, hematology/oncology, endocrinology and diabetes, genetics and metabolism, neurology, gastroenterology, nutrition, attention and concentration disorders, and monitoring and general advice (emphasis on bed-wetting and constipation).  

 Dream Doctors

Dream Doctors Project - Medical Clowns

Since 2005, the Society of Friends together with the Dream Doctors' Foundation has been supporting the "Dream Doctors" Project at Ziv Medical Center. The project sponsors medical clowns who have undergone specific training and who visit the patients in the Pediatric, Oncology, Dialysis, and other wards and clinics in Ziv hospital every day.

According to members of the pediatric and surgical staff, the "Dream Doctors" Project is of utmost importance. The clowns help to reduce the stress of the young patients and their families and often accompany the patients during painful and "scary" treatments.
Research has shown that a smile and a good mood are very important throughout the process of diagnosis, treatment and recuperation from an illness.

We have personally witnessed how the entire population of visitors to Ziv respond to the clowns and we consider the "Dream Doctors" Project to be as important as acquiring medical equipment and constructing new buildings, which are a large part of the Society's main activities. As the importance of this component is increasingly recognized, there is a constant need to increase the clowns' hours in many of the departments in our hospital.

Currently ten medical clowns work at Ziv Medical Center, 3 clowns per day (except for 2 clowns on Thursdays) with 3-4 hour shifts.

 Useful Information



Beit Ida Child Health Center

Number of beds: 30

Contact information:

Secretary: 04-6828712
Fax: 04-6828647
Ward: 04-6828900/01
Nurse’s station: 04-6828903


For consultation with a physician, please make an appointment with the department secretary.


  Academic and Research Activities

The department is actively involved in teaching and in research projects, a number of which have won national and international awards.

Presently, Profs. Luder and Amirav are well advanced in their research into the genetic disease “Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia” that has been awarded a 300,000 NIS grant from the Ministry of Health. Prof. Luder and Dr. Gilby (Director of ENT department) are working on a research project in acupuncture.

Prof. Luder is the Deputy Dean for the Faculty of Medicine “Ilan B’Galil” and has been part of the administrative team that opened the Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine in Zefat this year. For the past 20 years the students from the Technion Faculty of Medicine in Haifa trained in the department and presently the students from the new Faculty will do so. Additionally, students of nursing and other clinical studies study in the department as well as students of nutrition, special education and social work.  

  New Services

Recently we added pediatric gastroscopy and bronchoscopy to our outpatient department and presently we are adding a follow-up and counseling clinic for bed-wetting and constipation. The pediatric intensive care ward opened in 2009.