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Medical Specialist
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Outpatient Clinics
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Medical Specialist

Evgeny Solomonov, MD
Mahali Shukh
Head Nurse


Senior Physicians:

Alexander Berslavsky, MD, Head of Trauma Unit
Arcadi Rapaport, MD, Senior Surgeon
Igor Dashkovsky, MD, Senior Surgeon
Michael Vaskovitz, MD, Senior Surgeon
Karim Vajya, MD, Senior Surgeon
Safadi Vadgi, MD, Senior Surgeon
Alexi Bukin, MD, Senior Surgeon

Shukri Kasis, MD, Plastic Surgeon
Oleg Yaprimov, M.D.
Alex Koliada, M.D.
Andre Pederenko, M.D. 

Breast Health Nurse Coordinator:
Carmit Wolster, Nurse and Breast Health Coordinator
Mira Zelig, Secretary 

Nursing Staff:
Sima Eliahu Dror, Deputy Head Nurse
Miriam Sudry
Joseph Cassam, Clinical Instructor
Meital Biton
Sheila Harshuk
Raphat Sherf
Radi Kabl’an
Marina Zeltakovski
Manar Jiris
Shani Saban
Rasha Halil
Ella Maselinkov
Yami Radiano
Limor Malul
Yaffa Grinfeld
Natalia Krandel
Lea Chiada
Ophra Elul
Zidan Gali
Muhammed Omer
Shiran Maimon
Oleh Hadad

Auxiliary Staff:
Sigaglit Harari, Secretary
Dudu Rachmani
Hagit Elkarif
Ruth Ben Ezra


 Department Information


The Department of Surgery performs a wide range of surgical procedures. The department performs 1,500 surgeries a year including 150 ambulatory surgeries and hospitalizes approximately 3,500 patients a year.
The Department physicians, led by the Director of surgery, take a special interest in bariatric surgery, both by the abdominal and laparoscopy (with two small opening and minimal scarring) methods.
A diagnostic system in the Department that performs routine diagnostic testing and investigates breast lumps. By using sophisticated instrumentation for imaging and tissue samples using computers, surgery is often avoided. (in conjunction with the Mammography Institute). Follow-up is provided for high-risk women, including genetic counseling when necessary

The following operations are performed by the Department:

  • Abdominal surgery - gastrointestinal diseases, liver and gall bladder, including inflammatory diseases and tumors.
  • Sentinel Lymph Node (SLN) surgery – used for nodal staging thus reducing the need for axillary node procedures.
  • Endocrine surgery – thyroid and adrenal gland (parathyroid) surgery.
  • Proctology – Operations for perianal disease including innovative surgical techniques that reduce pain and shorten recovery time.
  • Pediatric surgery – in conjunction with Department of Pediatric surgery, Rambam Medical Center.
  • Plastic surgery – the department works in close contact with the plastic surgeon of the Medical Center and also helps in reconstructive surgery if necessary.


 Outpatient Clinics

Breast Health Clinic: The unit is located in the new Breast Health Clinic. The clinic works in cooperation with the Imaging Department and Pathology Institute enabling examination and diagnosis on the same day, thus saving time and unnecessary anxiety.
General surgery clinic: This is the pre-operative clinic where the patient meets with the physician and anesthesiologist in preparation for the day of surgery, thus avoiding the need for hospitalization beforehand.

Proctology Clinic:
Deals with all types of anal problems

Bariatric Clinic:
Issues of obesity

Liver Clinic:
Liver, pancreatic and bile tract problems

 Useful Information



The department is located on the 2nd floor of the main building.

Number of beds: 30


Nurse’s station: 04-6828921
Secretary: 04-6828925
Plastic surgeon consultation: 04-6828719
Patient Services: 04-6828926
Fax: 04-6828524

Consultation with a senior physician and nurse: 13:00 – 14:00 to be coordinated with the department secretary.
Visiting hours: 12:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 21:00

 Information for the Patient

Doctors’ rounds: 05.00 – doctor on duty , from 08.30 - senior doctors, residents, interns and nurse .
Medical information: May be obtained all day long, in accordance with the doctor’s availability.

During admission to the department, the nurse will record all personal information and the doctor will record medical information. The patient will be asked about his medical history, illnesses, previous injuries, medications etc. If the patient has any medical documents, test results, x-rays or letters of referral, he will be asked to give it to the medical team.

Drug Administration:
Orally: 08.00, 10.00, 14.00, 18.00, 22.00.
Via I.V.: 04.00, 10.00,18:00, 24:00

Meal Times: Breakfast-08:00, Lunch-12:00, Tea time -16:00, Dinner-17:30.

Alongside every bed there is a distress button for calling the nurse.
There is an adjacent bathroom in each room also equipped with a distress button.

Valuables should not be brought to the hospital. If the patient brings any valuables, the hospital safe may be used; please contact the nurse in charge.

During hospitalization, it is prohibited to leave the Medical Center without permission. If the patient wishes to be in the close vicinity of the Department, he/she should inform the nursing staff.

During hospitalization, cleanliness and quiet should be maintained.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Medical Center.

A multi-professional staff of physical therapists, social workers, dieticians, and psychologists are available for consultation and after co-ordination with the department staff.

At the end of hospitalization, the patient will receive a discharge letter with recommendations for further treatment and a follow-up appointment in the outpatient clinic. Discharge letters will be given starting at 14:00 and depend on the circumstances in the Department.

  Academic and Research Activities

The Department is a university accredited department to which students from the Faculty of Medicine –Bar-Ilan come to study.

The entire senior staff of physicians participate in teaching the students at the School of Nursing that is located on the hospital campus and also in a physicians training course for new immigrants.

The department conducts research on breast cancer detection by testing peripheral blood cells via the cytometry method.