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 Medical Specialist

Prof.Alexander Lerner, MD

Prof. Alexander Lerner is "one of the foremost authorities in the field of sever war injuries treatment".

Prof. Lerner had participated in writing A Treatment Manual for the American Army and the quotation above was written in the introduction to the treatment manual by another world known specialist in this particular area: Dr. Dror Paley from Sinai Hospital of Baltimore in the USA.

Deputy Head: Dr. Hussein Schada
Head of hip replacement unit: Dr. David Rotem, senior physician
Head Nurse: Natalie Vaknin  



Senior Physicians
Noam Reshef, MD, Specialist in sports injuries, foot and ankle
Yoram Ozer, MD, Director of Hand Clinic
Vasily Tchermisin, MD, Shoulder specialist
Arkady Davidson, MD
Irena Mednikov, MD
Alexi Popov, MD, Spinal surgery and Pain control specialist
Asa Lev-El, MD

Hamdi Salman, MD
Musa Schada, MD
Selva Poliakov MD
Shlomo Kalfa, MD
Nadir Ibrahim, MD
Vasily Ivragimov, MD
Alex Haznovitch, MD
Belal Hativ, MD
Edward Shneider, MD
Michael Kleiman, MD

Dept. secretary: Aliza Broda


 Department Information


The Orthopaedics Department provides comprehensive and quality treatment for all northern residents dealing in a wide range of problems. Aside from problems of the hip, knee, shoulder and spine, a new service for foot treatment will be opening in the Department in the near future.

The Department treats chronic infection of the limbs, bone extensions, height extensions, fractures due to osteoporosis, accident victims, illnesses, spinal diseases and diseases causing pain and limitation of activity.

The various surgeries performed include:


  • Malformations and deformations, congenital, acquired or developmental anomalies such as clubfoot, hip dysplasia, scoliosis or spinal deformity, differences in length of limbs, malformations of the hands and feet, gait and motor function. 
  • Injuries to the skeleton, joints and the motor system in general. 
  • Infectious diseases of the skeleton, joints and the motor system in general.


  • Trauma to the motor system o Restore and fixing fractures of the limbs, pelvis and spine.
    • Restore and fixing vulnerable joints of the limbs.
    • Repair damage to tendons and ligaments. 
  • Infectious diseases of the motor system. 
  • Degenerative diseases of joints and bones o Surgeries such as arthroscopy, hip replacement and knee joints
    • Conservative treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine
    • Back and neck surgeries, including spinal cord compression and fusion, disk herniation.  


 Useful Information



The department is located on the 1st floor in the main building.

Number of beds: 30


Nurse's station: 077-682-8911, 04-6828911 
Secretary: 077-6828669, 04-6828641
Fax: 077-6828579, 04-6828579
Consultation with a senior physician and nurse: 13:00 – 14:00 to be coordinated with the department secretary.
Visiting hours: Sun. – Sat. between 12:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 21:00

The orthopedic ward includes a treatment room for physiotherapy rehabilitation for patients of the ward.

The orthopedic ward includes a treatment room for physiotherapy rehabilitation for patients of the ward.

  Academic and Research Activities

The department teaches residents on a weekly basis. All department physicians are active in the academics of the Orthopaedics Association and present their research at national and international conferences. On a regular basis, several physicians from the department offer training workshops for doctors from abroad.

  Information for the Patient

Doctor's Morning Rounds : Start at 08:00 Medical information: Maybe obtained throughout the days at the doctor's availability.

During admission to the department, the nurse will record all personal information and the doctor will record medical information. The patient will be asked about his medical history, illnesses, previous injuries, medications etc. If the patient has any medical documents, test results, x-rays or letters of referral, he will be asked to give it to the medical team.

Drug Administration: 06:00, 11:00, 16:00, 21:00

Meal Times: Breakfast-08:00, Lunch-12:00, Tea time -16:00, Dinner-17:30.

Alongside every bed there is a distress button for calling the nurse. There is an adjacent bathroom in each room also equipped with a distress button.

Valuables should not be brought to the hospital. If the patient did bring any valuables, the hospital safe may be used; please contact the nurse in charge.

During hospitalization, it is prohibited to leave the Medical Center without permission. If the patient wishes to stay close to the department, he/she should inform the nursing staff.

During hospitalization, cleanliness and quiet should be maintained. Smoking is prohibited in all area of the Medical Center.

A multi-professional staff of physical therapists, social workers, dieticians, and psychologists are available.

At the end of hospitalization, the patient will be released with a discharge letter with recommendations for further treatment and a follow-up appointment in the outpatient clinic.  

 Further Information

Israel Orthopaedic Association