Department of Ophthalmology

Medical Specialist
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Useful Information
Academic and Research Activities

 Medical Specialist

MD Otzem Chasid

Aryeh Avidar, MD 
Deputy Head


Irene Epstein, MD, Senior physician
Aviv Vidan, MD, Senior physician
Michael Yulish, MD, Senior physician
Otzem Hassid, MD, Senior physician

Vered Sror, MD.
Emil Grunovsky, M.D.
Marcello Mitek, M.D.
Daniel David Biton, M.D.

Head Nurse – ward: Natalie Biton
Head Nurse – clinic: Racheli Hol


 Department Information


The Department of Ophthalmology in the Ziv Medical Center operates a diversified practice with 5 beds for cases of injuries, illnesses or surgery. The clinic performs the following tests:

• Visual field testing for diagnosis of various problems
• Coronary topography and thickness measurements of the cornea
Retinal photography (fluorescein angiography of the retina).
• Ultrasound of the eye
• Optical coherence tomography (OCT) testing for imaging of the retina and optic nerves.
The department provides advanced medical services in all fields of ophthalmology, such as pediatric ophthalmology, cataract surgery, cornea, retina and glaucoma surgery, oculoplastic surgery (plastic surgery of the surrounding area of the eye).


 Useful Information



Outpatient Clinic: Ground Floor
Ward: 1st Floor, alongside Orthopedics and E.N.T.

Number of Beds: 5

Nurse’s station: 04-6828911, 04-6828912
Physician’s room: 04-6828933
Appointment for clinic: 04-6828885, 04-6828888
Appointment for surgery: 04-6828200
Fax: 04-6828909
Email- Department Head:

Consultation with a senior physician and nurse: 13:00 – 14:00 to be coordinated with the department secretary.
Visiting hours: Sun. – Thur. between 12:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 21:00

Reception Hours: 

Director’s clinic/Retina: Sunday
Follow-up visits: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Oculoplastics and tear ducts: Wednesday 08:30-13:00
Optical imaging of the retina: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 08:00-13:30
Visual field: Monday, Tuesday 08:00-13:30
Fluorescein angiography: Sunday, Thursday 08:00-13:30
LASER treatment: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 08:30-13:30
Children: Tuesday, Thursday 08:30-13:30
Ophthalmology emergency room operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  Academic and Research Activities

Academic activities:

The Resident Program of the Department of Ophthalmology is recognized by the Scientific Council of the Israel Medical Association.
The Department is integrated into the curriculum of the Baruch Rappaport School of Medicine of the Technion in Haifa, participates in the teaching of ophthalmology in the Bar-Ilan School of Medicine in Zefat and is responsible for the establishment of the department of ophthalmology in the Faculty. In addition, the Department trains students from the School of Nursing at Ziv Medical Center and from the Department of Nursing at Zefat College.
The Department participates in national and international conferences and presents its research projects

Research Activities:

The Department conducts various studies and publishes articles in international medical journals. Current research topics deal with fluid flow in the anterior chamber of the eye, epidemiology of glaucoma, AMD prevention, intraocular pressure and interferon. The department also participates in studies in the Liver and Neurology Units in the Medical Center.