Neurology Unit

Medical Specialist
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Useful Information
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Academic and Research Activities

 Medical Specialist

Shahien Radi, MD

Administrative Staff:
Orna Ohayon, Medical Secretary
Yifat Cabasei, Receptionist, Neurological Institute
Adi Ezra, Receptionist, Neurological Institute


Vitaly Waxler, MD, Senior physician
Gallina Keegler, MD, Senior physician
Lucia Lerner, MD, Senior physician
Saad Abu Salach, MD, Senior physician
Aleh  Abu Salach, MD, Senior physician
Naim Samaan, MD, Resident
Anaan Abu Awad, MD, Resident
Fadi Shabaat, MD, Resident  
Galina Schiff, MD, Neurophysiologist, EMG testing
Yisraela Kechelnik, EEG technician
Shoukri Gali, EEG technician
Yasmin Housrabi Canchiork , Social Worker, Neurology
Michal Vezana, Head Nurse, Neurology Ward


 Unit Information


The Unit treats patients that are hospitalized and conducts EMG, EEG and TST testing in the clinic. There are two modern sophisticated instruments located in the Unit. The TSH tests quantitative sensory function and the EMG measures the electric activity in a muscle. 


 Useful Information


The Unit is located on the 2nd floor of the main building, by the Internal Medicine B ward.
The Neurology Institute is located on the ground floor.
Unit secretary - Orna: 04-6828927 , 04- 6828928, Fax: 04- 6828648
Institute secretary: 04-6828667 , Fax: 04-6828698
Research coordination: 04-6828597, 04-6828207, Fax: 04-6828206
Karin Beruti, MD: 04-6828208
Chen Rayder, MD: 04- 6828316

For appointments:
TCD, clinics: neurology, convulsions, stroke, movement disorders, Botox injections, Parkinson’s disease : Tel: 077-6828667, 077 -6828667, Fax: 04- 6828688, 077- 6828688 – between the hours of 08.30-13.00

ALS, Multiple Sclerosis clinics: Tel: 04- 6828927/8, 077-6828927/8, Fax: 04-6828648, 077- 6828648 – between the hours of 08.30-13.00

EEG Institute: Tel: 04- 6828667, 077- 6828667, Fax: 04- 6828698, 077- 6828698 – between the hours of 08.30-13.00

EMG Institute: Tel: 04- 6828667, 077- 6828667, Fax: 04- 6828698, 077- 6828698 – between the hours of 08.30-13.00


Consultation with a senior physician and nurse: 13:00 –15.00 to be coordinated with the department secretary.
Visiting hours: 12:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 21:00


 Community Activities

The Unit physicians give lectures and workshops to neurologists in the community in various fields of neurology such as epilepsy, headaches and migraines, MS (multiple sclerosis), Parkinson’s and more.

Contact with other centers: 

  • • Participation in neurology meetings in other medical centers. 
  • Contact with the Neurophysiologic Rehabilitation Unit in Brooklyn, NY and carrying out joint studies. Recently, Prof. Leibson from NY visited Ziv Medical Center and taught a course in the neurology unit on EMG.


  Academic and Research Activities

  • Teaching medical students 
  • Teaching neurology to nursing students at the School of Nursing at the Medical Center.

Research Activity: 

  • The unit physicians are working on studies relating to medications for Parkinson’s, PNP (Purine nucleoside phosphorylase), PNP-club foot, treatment with Tegretol and Trileptal and the effectiveness and safety of Topamax for epilepsy. 
  • The unit is studying the treatment of migraines in children who are treated with Rizatripten.