Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Medical Specialist
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 Medical Specialist

Prof. Eric Shinwell, MD 



Igor Protnov, MD, Director of Services for Newborns
Rita Davidson, MD, Senior physician
Natalia Kruger, MD, Senior physician
Bella Luria Marko, MD , Senior physician
Shoshi Afuta,  Head Nurse
Keren Hatuel, Head Nurse Newborns
Mazal Alaluf, Secretary


 Unit Information


Our unit hospitalizes preterm infants, infants born at term but with low birth weight and newborns with unique problems, mainly respiratory, heart or blood, and need special monitoring and intensive care treatments along with the conventional medicine of all newborns.

When confronted with an ill or low weight newborn, the first task is verifying that heart rate and breathing are normal. The infant must be monitored, making sure that he/she do not “forget” to breathe and that levels of blood gases (oxygen and carbon monoxide levels, blood acidity –pH) are normal.

The unit’s multidisciplinary team includes physicians and consultants in various specialties such as a pediatric cardiologist, ophthalmologist, social workers, specially trained neonatal nurses and a contact nurse for the public. They all help the parents and their families during this stressful time.

In the past two years, a new treatment has been introduced in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, using nitric oxide (NO), which is a pulmonary vascular dilator and treats high frequency artificial respiration.

The Ziv Medical Center is the only facility in the north and the Galilee, serving 120,000 resident and averaging 3000 births annually. Among these, 15% of the newborns require hospitalization in the NICU.

Neonatals treated include: 

Infants born with asphyxiation due to fetal distress or effect of anesthetics given to the mother and blood exchange for infants needing blood transfusions. 

Newborns with metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, etc.


Small infants (less than 2000 grams) are treated in the incubator, the main task being to warm the newborn, maintain its constant body temperature and prevent infections.

The incubator allows full view of the infant, especially its skin color, respiratory activity and motor skills.

The incubator allows easy access of all the equipment systems for the treatment of the newborn like CPR equipment, infusion pumps and monitor electrodes. 


 Useful Information



The unit is located on the 4th floor of the main building. Entry through the maternity ward.

Number of beds:

The department has 15 beds – 6 intensive care, 4 intermediate care and 5 for newborns in recovery.

Phone numbers:

Ward: 04-6828971, 04-6828972
Secretary: 04-6828963 Fax: 04-6828472, 04-6828964

Head nurse:

Visiting hours:

Entrance into the department is permitted for the mother and father only, between 08:00-14:30 and 15:30-22:00. If you are unable to visit, we will be happy to take your calls throughout the day and answer your questions.


 Information for the Parents

On your initial visit to the unit, the mother’s identification and connection to the infant will be verified. You will be given a short training by the unit nurse on how the department functions regarding special clothing, hand washing etc. The unit staff with accompany you during each stage of infant care – feeding, changing diapers, dressing and bathing – and if necessary, special instruction regarding any special treatment of your baby.

In order to assure that we give you our full attention, we suggest that you coordinate your time of visit with a nurse.

For further questions or requests, you may contact the unit Director who would be happy to talk with you between the hours of 10:00 and 12:00.