Department of Internal Medicine A

Medical Specialist
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Useful Information
Information for the Patient
Academic and Research Activities

 Medical Specialist

Osama Hussein, MD

Loay Zaknoun
Head Nurse and Training Coordinator

Yael Alon
Deputy Head Nurse



Senior Physicians:

Sorina Schlesinger, M.D.
Kamal Abu Jabal, M.D.

Resident Physicians:

Rabia Kroani, M.D.
Timor Dabous, M.D.
Samah Amashe, M.D.
Raviya Awad, M.D.
Rami Abu Awad, M.D.
Safadi Hussein, M.D.
Ashraf Abu Shkara , M.D.
Walid Said , M.D.
Jersi Abu Zahi,M.D.

Karina Shtetski, Clinical trials coordinator
Yaffa Jan, Department secretary


 Department Information


The Department of Internal Medicine A deals with the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of a wide range of adult diseases including heart disease, lung, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, diseases of the immune system, vascular diseases resulting from disease of the immune system or thrombosis in the veins, diseases resulting from metabolic disorders (diabetes, thyroid diseases, lipid disturbances and obesity), for patients requiring mechanical ventilation, complications of chemotherapy and infectious diseases. Additionally, there is a separate unit within the department for non-stable patients.

Among the many procedures performed are bone marrow aspiration, liver, abdominal paracentesis, pleural and lumbar puncture.

The department specializes in treating and preventing atherosclerosis, hypertension and obesity and operates consultation clinics in these areas by the department’s senior staff.

The department supplies an ambulatory blood pressure measuring device that records the patient’s blood pressure over a span of 24 hours.

Ambulatory procedures include: 

  • Blood pressure monitoring 
  • Bone marrow aspiration and needle biopsy 
  • Pleural puncture 
  • Drainage of ascites 
  • Skin biopsy


In addition, ambulatory care is given for patients that need further investigation or intravenous drug therapy for blood vessel disease, administering immunoglobulin or iron.  



The clinic for prevention of artherosclerosis, lipid-lowering therapy and erectile dysfunction is managed by Dr. Osama Hussein. The clinic operates on Mondays.

The clinic of hypertension is run by Dr. Sorina Schlesinger and operates on Tuesdays.  

 Useful Information



The department is located in the main building on the 3rd floor. Beds: 30

Contact information
Ward: 04-6828940/1/2
Appointments: 04-6828944/3
Clinical trials coordinator: 04-6828114
Fax: 04-6828115
Consultation with a senior physician and nurse: 13:00 – 14:00 to be coordinated with the department secretary.
Visiting hours: 12:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 21:00

 Information for the Patient

The family should choose a contact person that will talk to the staff and pass along the information to the family. When the patient is admitted into the department, medical information will be taken and he will then receive pajamas, a towel and toiletries. The patient or family member will be briefed on the department’s daily schedule.
Beside each room there is a shower and toilet. Next to each bed is a call button for the nurse.
The multi-disciplinary staff include dieticians, social workers and psychologists.
The department is not responsible for the patient’s personal items. We recommend not bringing valuables to the department. In case of lost items, please contact the nursing staff and the matter will be dealt with in coordination with the security officer of the Medical Center.

Breakfast: 08:00
Lunch: 12:00
Dinner: 18:00

Discharge from department: When the patient is discharged, he will receive a letter of discharged issued between 15:00-16:00. After receipt of the discharge letter, the patients should obtain a formal release at the admissions office on the main floor.


  Academic and Research Activities

The Resident Program of the Department of Internal Medicine A is fully recognized by the Scientific Council of the Israel Medical Association.

The Department Director, Dr. Osama Hussein is a clinical senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at Bar-Ilan University, Zefat.

Research activity: 

  • The Department conducts basic science research on atherosclerosis, lipid and fatty liver disease.
  • The Department participates in international studies on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, congestive heart failure, acute coronary disease, deep vein thrombosis treatment and prevention, infectious diseases, secondary prevention of acute coronary syndrome or stroke (attached please find the list of clinical studies in which the department collaborated).

Basic clinical research: 

The Department is involved in basic laboratory research on the following topics: 

  • The unfolded protein response system of the fatty liver rat model
  • The coagulation system and the fibrinolysis of the fatty liver rat model
  • The activity of enzyme paraoxonase in the fatty liver
  • Slow coronary flow (SCF) syndrome
  • The effect of drugs used for psychological disorders on the HDL cholesterol properties and its activities.

Undergraduate students in biotechnology, science engineering and physicians work in the laboratory for their basic science research thesis as part of the internship program.

Academic activities: 

  • Teaching in the School of Nursing, affiliated to the Ziv Medical Center, on endocrinology, atherosclerosis, rheumatology, the immune system and metabolism. 
  • Lecturing in the department of nursing at Zefat College on the endocrine system.
  • Teaching internal medicine for physical therapy studies at the Faculty of Medicine Bar-Ilan, Zefat.
  • Teaching the nursing course in diabetes at the Ziv Medical Center.
  • Presentations at scientific conferences.

List of publications of the Department Director