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Medical Specialist
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 Medical Specialist

Dr. Inna Rosenfeld, Interim Director of Emergency Medicine. Previously Deputy Head of Ziv's Cardiology Department.

Hedva Hillel, Head Nurse
Magib Abu Ganav, Deputy Head Nurse





Dr. Samih Gadban, MD
Dr. Jalal Younis, MD
Dr. Adel H'san, MD
Dr. Nader Arabi, MD

Trauma Coordinator -  David Fuchs
Clinical Instructor - Sarah Harra
Risk Management - Dalit Azoulay
Quality Trustee - Lily Frimatchuk
Medication Trustees - Adi Ashkar and Shauli Cabeza
Pain Trustee  - Limor Cohen
Infections Trustee  - Dafna Gaffney


Nursing staff:

Miri Cohen, a social worker
David Amar
Mark Boyarsky
Bosilovo Vladimir
Aamar Gamal
Ron Ohed
Gitai Katssir
Meital Ozan
Lilach Versano
Barzilai Chen
Zeitoun Gris Mason
Amit Chait
Amer Arin
Nitzan Guterman
Michal Ben Zedek Abeles
Shakir Shakir
Heitam Morani
Mejadi Zavidat

Medical Secretary: Rachel Cohen
Clerk: Nadav Tedgi
Auxiliary help:
Ariella Hazan
Mira Zlatin

 Department Information


The emergency room is located at the entrance of the new spacious, modern building that is reinforced and resistant to chemical and biological warfare. The emergency room is equipped with a digital x-ray device that enables immediate diagnosis as well as advanced equipment that facilitates immediate high level treatment and intervention.

The ER staff is well practiced in operating under emergency conditions such as a mass casualty event and in routine conditions. They decide on continued treatment for the patient in hospital departments, depending on the patients’ health.

The ER is staffed with physicians from the internal medicine department, trauma unit, department of orthopedics, surgical department as well as consultants from neurology and neurosurgery. The ER staff regularly engages internists, orthopedists, otorhinolaryngologists (ENT), surgeons, urologists, gynecologists and psychiatrists.

The nursing staff is trained in basic and specialty courses such as trauma, infection control and risk management. When necessary, consultation with experts from all disciplines within the Medical Center and beyond is sought.

The population in the surrounding region derives direct benefit from the diverse services of the emergency department. In 2011, around 70,000 people were treated in the emergency department including local residents, visitors and travelers from all over the country on summer vacation and on weekends. Area physicians also refer patients that require further investigation or different interventions.

The department is in close contact and fully cooperates with several key agencies: the Northern Command, Northern Medical Command, police force, security forces, Magen David Adom, schools and emergency medicine departments in the area – Nahariya and Poriya.

For emergency cases there is a heliport that allows rapid transfer of casualties for immediate treatment in the ER or another facility as needed.

Under the auspices of the emergency department, a front-line emergency room is operated in Kiryat Shmona.

During the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the department of emergency medicine was awarded a special commendation from the Ministry of Health and Civil Service Commission due to the absorption of many wounded soldiers and civilians.

The team of physicians, nurses and other health professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to every patient served. They believe in providing prompt and professional treatment regardless of race, religions and gender. The team is trying its best to promote innovative methods, increase community involvement and preparedness for routine events as well as those in time of war.

Social Services Department:

Coming to the emergency room can be very traumatic to the patient and family, often accompanied by emotional and behavioral reactions with immediate or long-term effects. Surrounding this event there may emerge cases that require professional interventional treatment at the same time as medical treatment.

The integrated treatment is done by a multidisciplinary team of professionals including physicians, nursing personnel and social workers. They recognize that the sooner psychosocial intervention is done, the patients facing the emergency room and his family will return to normal functioning faster, or adapt themselves to the new conditions created. Also, this allows rapid and skilled involvement, a faster and more efficient discharge from the department by using the resources of the Medical Center and the community wisely.

The treatment focuses on crisis intervention, support and reinforcement of existing systems around the patient, problem solving, planning the discharge including further treatment in the Medical Center or community and assistance with the patient’s rights. Treatment is given to the patient and his immediate family.

The ER staff social worker deals with any situation that requires her skills in order to help the patient and his family. You can contact her directly or by the department staff.

Additional roles of the social worker: 

  • Helping patients and their families locate community assistance and utilizing their rights in the Medical Center and in the community. 
  • Partnership in planning the patient’s discharge to his home when required. 
  • Treatment in traumatic situations such as domestic violence, sexual assault and various accidents including help in coping with the event emotionally, and later in organizing and helping in the rehabilitation process.


Social workers are available during hostile attacks or other mass attacks where information centers are open and reports to families are given either personally or by telephone. The social workers give the victims and their families initial psychological aid to help with those struggling with the event.  


 Useful Information



The new emergency room building.

Number of beds:

20 beds of which 4 are for trauma treatment and 2 are for treating shock.


Nurse’s station: 04-6828838, 077-6828838
Admission office: 077-6828836, 04-6828839
Emergency room: 04-6828429, 077-6828429 :


Rachel Cohen, Secretary:


  Academic and Research Activities

The emergency room department actively participates in research projects related to emergency medicine with the Cardiology Department and the Liver Unit at the Medical Center.

In addition, the department teaches students of medicine and nursing.


Magen David Adom in Israel