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  Medical Specialist

Majdi Halabi, MD 

Inna Rosenfeld, MD
Deputy Head

Arie Naeh
Head nurse

Anwar Patum
Deputy Head Nurse



Senior physicians:
Alex Goldberg, MD, Director, Cardiology Catheterization Unit of Interventional Cardiology Unit
Saleem Dabbah, MD, Senior cardiologist, Echocardiography
Irina Nordkin, MD, Outpatient clinic Senior cardiologist
Alexander Pekar, MD, Senior cardiologist, Electrophysiology and Pacemaker Clinic
Ron Golan, MD, Sports and Physiology of Exertion, Director, Heart and Blood Vessel Rehabilitation Clinic

Salim Dabach, Senior Physician, Director, Non-invasive cardiology service
Tatyana Levinas, MD, Senior physician, Director, Rehabilitation Heart and Heart-failure Clinics
Khateeb Aehab, MD, Senior physician, Research Center Heart Institute
Olga Truchman, MD, Senior physician
Ina Rozenfeld, MD, Senior physician

Muhammed Hadar, MD
Ashraf Abu Shkara, MD
Mussa Said, MD
Hativ Said, MD

Professional Staff:
Miri Eilat, Head Nurse, Heart Rehabilitation Unit
Ala’a Abu Ria, technician, Heart Rehabilitation
Dalia Levy, Echocardiography technician
Naihla Narjis Narkis Nigim Najim, Ergometry technician
Naila Grace Cassis, Eco technician
Igor Cherniak, Medical Technologist
Kamil Chraini, Medical Technologist
Adrian Mondrik, X-ray technician
Rasha Sagir , Social Worker
Asher Eiberman, Heart Rehabilitation Dietician
Ayelet Shtilman, Cardiology Ward Dietician

Research institute:
Ilana Portnov, Research Coordinator
Talit Omer, Research Coordinator
Naomi Gad, Research Coordinator

Dorit Zrihan, Department secretary
Einat Tal, Heart Institute secretary
Sivan Binyamin, Heart Institute secretary
Hagit Cohen, Cardiac Catheterization secretary
Liora Arbel, Heart Rehabilitation secretary


  Department Information


The Heart Institute consists of four units: Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU), Intermediate Cardiac Care Step-Down Unit –Interventional Cardiology Unit, Non-invasive Care Unit and the Research Division. Each unit operates independently as part of the Cardiology department.
This cardiology system enables a wide range of services, treatments, and preventative medicine.

In the Invasive Cardiology Unit, between 800-1000 catheterizations are performed each year on patients suffering from angina or following a heart attack. The Intermediate Unit cares for patients recovering from heart attacks and patients after cardiac catheterization.

About 500 patients are hospitalized annually in the Department. About 70% of the patients arrive with acute heart attacks and they undergo cardiac catheterization in the Intensive Care Unit. In the Cardiac Outpatient Clinic, ambulatory services are offered as well as follow-up visits for the patients that were hospitalized. About 1800 patients visit the clinic per year.

All types of catheterizations are performed including cardiac catheterization with stent implantation.

In the non-invasive cardiology unit the following examinations are offered: heart ultrasound, ECHO Doppler, Holter, heart mapping, cardiac CT, virtual angiography and stress tests combined with isotopes (isotopic or nuclear stress test) if necessary.

The Heart Institute conducts isotopic testing in collaboration with the Institute of Nuclear Medicine. About 2000 heart mappings are performed a year.

New services include echocardiogram, 3D computed tomography and a clinic for cardiac rhythm disorders. 


  Useful Information


The Heart Institute is located on the ground floor of the new ER wing (1 floor below the entrance).
Number of beds : 18
Offices at the Institute: 6/44 04-6828816/44, 077-6828844/16
Cardiac CT: 04-6828123, 077-6828123
Nurse’s station in ICCU: 077-6828956, 04-6828956
Catheterization: 077-6828042/12, 04-6828042/12
Fax: 04-6828483

Majdi Halabi, MD, Director, Heart Institute : 
Dorit Zrihan, Department secretary: 
Einat Tal, Heart Institute, secretary: 
Hagit Cohen, Cardiac catheterization secretary:
Liora Arbel, Heart Rehabilitation secretary: 

Consultation with a senior physician and nurse: 13:00 – 14:00 to be coordinated with the department secretary.
Visiting hours: 12:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 21:00


  Academic and Research Activities

Prof. Marmor heads the Cardiology Chair at the Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine, Zefat. The Department has been fully recognized for cardiology specialization for over 10 years.

The Department is internationally renowned and many major pharmaceutical companies approach the department about conducting clinical trials.

The Research Division has successfully passed several reliability tests by the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration), the American authority of medicine control. The research team is currently working with over 10 pharmaceutical companies simultaneously.

The Research Division also initiates studies on cardiac CT. The relationship between obesity and lipid levels and prevalence of atherosclerotic and stenosis is one of the areas being examined.