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Faiad Adawi, MD


Yasin Hirallah, MD
Natali Agra – Research Coordinator
Rim Vhakim, Secretary and Research Coordinator
Sarah Pozner, Research Coordinator


 Unit Information


The Endocrinology and Diabetes Unit deals with all aspects of endocrinology and diabetes. Due to the extensive clinical experience accumulated by the unit over the years, it serves as the main referral center for the region on these issues.

Endocrinology Clinic
The clinic counsels and treats patients suffering from various hormonal problems (under and over active) and endocrine gland disorders of the pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pancreas. Evaluations are conducted at the clinic for endocrine malignancies and dynamic function testing.

Diabetes Clinic

The clinic is engaged in counseling and treating diabetes and its complications. Those that come to the clinic are taught about the disease and how it is treated, monitoring blood sugar levels, medication, use of insulin by injection or insulin pump.

Thyroid Disease

Clinic Evaluation and treatment for hyper and hypothyroidism. Monitoring and treatment of benign thyroid (Goiter), diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of thyroid malignancies.

General Endocrinology Clinic

This clinic treats patients with adrenal disorders, hyperthyroidism and parathyroid disorders


 Useful Information



The clinic is located in the outpatient clinic area near the front entrance of the main building.


Endocrinology Clinic: 077-6828757, 04-6822757
Clinic Office: 077-6828879, 04-6828879
Fax: 077-6828884 (Diabetes research), 04-6828884




Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 09:00-14:00


  Research Activities

The center for clinical research conducts many international clinical trials in the treatment of diabetes and its complications.

Those interested in participating in these studies are invited to call 04-682-8884, Sunday through Thursday between 09:00 to 14:00.