New Treatments and Technologies

3D Echocardiography

A new 3D echocardiography machine has been added to the advanced services offered at Ziv Medical Center.

Biological Nerve Implant

Ziv Medical Center is the first hospital in Israel to perform a biological nerve implant (allographt).

PLAY Project - New Treatment for ASD Children

A new treatment for children with autism and communication disorders will begin in May, as a unique pilot at Ziv's Spingold Center for Child Development

Ziv Opens New Pediatric Surgical Unit

Dr. Lili Lunsky-Hayari has been appointed as Head of the new Pediatric Surgical Unit at the Ziv Medical Center

A first at Ziv – Arthroscopic Repair

Ziv specialists, Dr. Vassili Tcheremissne and Dr. Noam Reshef perform arthroscopic shoulder surgery – a first at Ziv.

Establishment of a Radiotherapy Unit at the Ziv Medical Center is Underway

A final coordination meeting was held between the different agencies involved in the establishment of the Radiotherapy Unit on December 24, 2012

Chinese Acupuncture following Tonsil Operations

Otolaryngology (ENT) Department conducts research on Chinese Acupuncture and its effect on reducing pain following tonsil operations

Fibroscan - For Your Liver

The second Fibroscan in Israel has been installed at Ziv. This is a painless alternative to liver biopsy for evaluating the stage of liver fibrosis

Innovative CT Examinations for Imaging Heart Arteries

The Ziv Medical Center offers innovative methods for imaging the Heart Arteries by means of an advanced CT machine. The examination is simple, fast and, painless

Ziv's Genetic Institute

The Genetic Institute at the Ziv Medical Center provides a wide variety of reliable and innovative services for genetic diagnosis

At First in the Ziv Medical Center: Correction of Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm by Catherization

A minimal invasive operation using a catheter to correct an abdominal aorta aneurysm was performed for the first time at the Ziv Medical Center.

No Need for Ear Incision

First in the North – Endoscopic Ear Surgery without Incision behind the Ear

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Using Biological Tissue

The surgery was successfully performed for the first time at the Ziv Medical Center on a cancer patient who underwent a mastectomy